all over His creation...

all over His creation...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

been a while

Wow...seems like the last few posts are pretty much the same. I don't have any pictures to upload at this time as my computer died and the one I am on now is a little ancient. Since our last talk, we have moved to Hamilton, Mt and then now we are back in Central Oregon to stay for a while.
The life of a gypsy can be fun but for a 9 year old, not so much. Seeing your child make friends and then rip him away from them was wearing on my heart so we made him a promise that we wouldn't move towns again until he graduates unless it is a unanimous family vote!
Things with my mom didn't work out so well and I have been dealing with a lot of things on an emotional level but that is for a different type of blog, right? So, adventures, yeah, so many of them. Montana was BEAUTIFUL as always! Oh, the places we saw! I will upload some photos soon but honestly, it feels good to be home, to our home church, and as ironic as it sounds in my head, I am loving it here. I do desperately miss the fog, the green, but Central Oregon has grown on me.
So....too many new adventures with very little money!!! heer heer!
Take care!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Seems so funny how many times a person can move in a year :} Yes, we have moved again! We are back in Southern Oregon and planning on moving again someday. Nope, were not sick of it yet! I told you previously I am part Gypsy!
Life is a little hectic right now as I am staying home taking care of my mom who is not deathly sick but is in a lot of pain. My hubby is working and it is summer. I cant wait to get out and go explore to share with you all. Hopefully, soon, I will have a new adventure to share with you all! Until then, keep on exploring and share your stories!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Been a long time....

I cant belive that it has been a year since I have posted on here. Been a long year. We moved numerous times, down to Southern Oregon and back to Central Oregon so, the blogging should start up again. The gypsy lifestyle is alive and well!
As far as adventures go, not a lot to post on. Did a lot of people photography while down in the valley, did a little hunting with no luck, and not much else. As far as havin fun with little money, oh yeah, last summer we spent it in a local creek about ten miles from where we were living! Lots of fun. We adventured around the woods and had great times.
Now that were back, we are looking forward to snow melt so we can get out and about. I will definitly post pics on the first outing we have which I hope will be coming up really soon! Thanks for reading! I will be on here more!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gypsy at heart...

I have decided I am 85% Gypsy and 10% settled and 5% wild. What does that mean? Huh, well, I have moved so many times in my 31 years that I have grown accustomed to moving. I love to move to new places, meet new people, see new areas yet there is a part of me that wants to have a home somewhere, plant seeds, settle and a smaller part of me that wants to just roam free and wild like.

My hubby and I have been trying to find a place to live for some time now and we can never decide. We pick this place because it is green and rains and has fog, or this place because it has mountains and lots of animals or this place because we used to live there and it is comfortable but none seem right just yet.

***FYI if you are planning on moving, how we do it is by lots of research online, finding out about jobs, rentals, schools, hospitols, and our hobbys (outdoor stuff). If it sounds promising we take a trip to there if we can. Check it out, see if we really like it. Then it makes our list!**

That part of me that wants a permanant home, wants to be able to have a dog, paint walls, grow a garden, it comes out and rears its head every now and again. It is depressing when it does because at this point,I am not sure if, even if we did find a place to call home, we would be able to afford to buy a peice of dirt. I do long for that day though.

Remember back to when you were a kid, roaming free, no worries. Yeah, my wild inner child. I sometimes, would love to just move to teh woods, nothing with me but my hubby, son, and my Bible and just live off the land. No job, no bills, just livin. HOwever, the idea sounds great but I would miss my computer and other modern conveniences. It is still tempting though.

All in all, I think we all have different percentages of those things in all of us. It just takes figuring out what to do and where to go to find the balance. For me, at this point in time, the balance would be living in the very North West of the US in a small cabin on about five or ten acres. The area would calm the gypsy in me, the home would calm the settled part of me, adn the acreage would calm the wild child in me.

To all the gypsys, never stop livin and seeing the beautiful Land God created for us! For those who are settled, Paint a wall for me, adn the wild children, keep on chasing those dreams!

Spring adventure...

On Saturday, we drove over to Camp Sherman, Or. and went to the hatchery. We had a great time watching the geese and ducks swimming. I had lots of photo ops with the fish and geese. Yet, it was not too far away from home.

The two geese here were very friendly. They even ate fish food from my sons hand and my own. It was a great day all in all. Fish, Geese, familly, and pine needles.

Pine needles you say? Yes, we gathered a bunch of pine needles so that I could attempt a basket. My willow has just been sitting around, not enough to make a basket with so it just sits. Yes, it is pretty to look at, but it taunts me.

SO, pine needles, why not give it a try right? ANd guess what, I did, I finished a basket. It was not as hard as it looks, yet the preperation was a little tricky. I wont give you how to's just yet as I am just a beginner but you can get some help from and go to the baskets sectoin, lots of info there, or I was actually reading a book called "Pine Needle Basketry- From Forest to Finished Project." BY Judy Mofield Mallow.

This book had a ton of how to's and a ton of photos of diffent baskets you can make. Not so primitive as I would hope but to start out, what the heck right? So I had fun, hope you enjoy my finished product. One Geese photo and one basket photo!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Questions from home

I was curious, if you could move anywhere you could move to, where would it be and why? If I was to answer myself, it would take a lot of thought, right off, right now, I would say someplace on the Oregon coast or Washington Coast as I love the beach but I would want to live in a small cottage and work from home. Dream on...right?

But given the chance to really think about this, the most important fact to me, would be that my hubby and son were happy there. Two, that we could eventually live off the land wherever that may be. Three, a place where there are many adventures to be had. And four, preferably in Oregon, Washington, or Montana.

We have thought about selling everything and moving to a foriegn land like Austrailia, Ireland, or someplace like that, and I must say, That sounds awfully intreaging, yet, I am getting to the age where I would love a place to call HOME and hang my hat for the rest of my life.
I dont know how many of you rent, but we do and it is sad wasting money each month into a place you dont own, you cant make your own all the way. I would lvoe to decorate, paint, fix up the yard, al that but as you know, we cant. OH HOME, you are somewhere out there, please come soon!! Oh how I long for home.

Monday, February 15, 2010

checkin in

We have not wrote on here in a while. A lot of things have been going on, unfortunately, nothing that include being out and about or learning about canning. HOWEVER, we still have been talking about lots of that.
We are still focused on getting out of debt, learning how to can, learning how to provide for ourselves and even talked about buying a piece of land cheap somewhere and building a off the grid home.
It was fun actually sitting at home learning about all the different types of homes. From earthships, which I must add personally< I love some of that idea, to building trapper cabins off the trees on the property you buy.
I dont know if we will be able to attack that dream this summer as that will take some time to buy a piece of land for us but we are still wanting do to this when we do buy. And of course, solar power computer acess will allow us to let you follow step by step, I know, I still laugh at online stuff when we want to be so unattatched from the outside world.
We just recently got an inexpensive video camera and have started a youtube site as well. It is also called All Over His Creation,look us up and see some tutorials on some primitive skills and thoughts from Johnny and a little about our pets. :)
In the meantime, since we are having cabin fever, share your stories and make sure you are enjoying His creation!